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What is persistence?

Persistence means not giving up, even when things are challenging. It can be hard to do this without guidance and practice. Parents and carers play a key role in helping children develop this skill, over time.

Why is persistence important?

We all want to keep our children safe. However, this can end up becoming a ‘bubble-wrap’ approach, where parents try to protect children too much. In reality, you can’t shield children from every hurt and disappointment. Instead, you can support them and help them learn to cope.

Being upset and disappointed when something goes wrong is a very natural reaction. However, as children get older, they can learn the value of learning from failures and mistakes, and how to improve as a result. They can also become more confident at handling difficult situations.

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Here are some ideas to get you started

So how can you get the balance right?

  • Let children know that feeling stressed, upset or angry is healthy and normal. Help them understand that feelings like this will pass.
  • Your child might be not sure how they’ll perform at school sports day or in an exam. Encourage them to step up to the challenge and do their best. Help them understand that the effort is what matters, more than the result.
  • And if they do come home disappointed, let them know that’s okay, too. Your child will learn that distressing events happen and they can get over them.
  • Remember that you are a role model for your kids. They’ll have hope if they see you talking your problems through and moving forward again. They’ll grow up knowing that challenges can be overcome and disappointment can be resolved.

Help your child develop persistence & confidence

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