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  • Make family life less stressful and more enjoyable – even in tough times.
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  • Join more than a million Australian families who’ve been helped by the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program!
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Catch up on Triple P’s articles to help you confidently navigate every stage of your parenting journey. We also share real-life stories, news and more.

6 minutes

Chores for Kids: Age-Appropriate Tips and Strategies

May 17, 2024

Let's talk about something most parents and carers can relate to – chores for kids. Most dream of kids willingly helping with jobs around the home, and maybe even being happy to do it.

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7 min read

How to handle tantrums: try these positive parenting tips

April 8, 2024

Are you struggling to know how to handle tantrums? You’re not alone. These positive parenting tips can help.

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6 min read

How to stop yelling at your kids: try these parenting strategies

April 8, 2024

Want to know how to stop yelling at kids, and start feeling calmer? Try these parenting strategies.

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Find which FREE course suits you best

Every family’s different, so we make it easy to choose the parenting support that fits your situation.

  • 1/4

    Triple P Online for Baby

    Create a positive foundation, right from the start

    Online <0 to 1 year Free 7 x 30 mins
    • Nurture your baby’s development
    • Understand their cues and strengthen your bond
    • Look after your emotional wellbeing
  • 2/4

    Triple P Online

    Confidently handle everyday parenting challenges

    Online under 12 years Free 8 x 30 mins
    • Improve behaviour and grow closer
    • Positively influence your child’s development
    • Create a happier, calmer family life
  • 3/4

    Fear-Less Triple P Online

    Build resilience in children and help them manage anxiety

    Online 6+ years Free 6 x 30 mins
    • Get a better understanding of anxiety
    • Learn what to do when your child is anxious
    • Boost resilience and coping skills
  • 4/4

    Family Transitions Triple P Online

    Support your child through separation or divorce

    Online under 12 years Free 5 x 30 mins
    • Create stability and reassurance for children
    • Learn proven co-parenting strategies
    • Handle challenges calmly and confidently

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