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Manage everyday challenges with positive parenting strategies

Childhood is made up of many little moments. Difficult moments, magic moments, and more. Because we all want what’s best for our children – now, and in the future – it’s good to be able to make the most of every moment, whether it’s savouring the great ones or coping confidently with the tricky ones.

  • Little kids can have BIG emotions. And that can mean tantrums, bedtime battles, aggressive behaviour. Parents and carers need positive solutions that really work, for all kinds of situations.
  • When children get better at things like routines, sharing, and getting along with others, family life gets a lot better.
  • Small issues are sorted out before they become big ones.
  • Kids gain valuable life skills like problem-solving to help them now, and in the future.
  • Children can learn to talk about strong emotions and handle them in healthy ways.

Why do parents and carers love Triple P?

Doing the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is like a map for your parenting journey. It gives you more understanding and builds on the skills and knowledge you already have, with simple tips and techniques you can try out and adapt however you like.

  • It’s an Australian program, used here and around the world (in more than 30 countries).
  • What you do today helps create a better future for your child.
  • It’s a toolbox, not a rulebook. You get the strategies and knowledge. You choose what tools to use, when, and how.
  • Parents and carers just like you have discovered how small changes make a big difference to family life!

See how the FREE course works

Find which FREE course suits you best

Every family’s different, so we make it easy to choose the parenting support that fits your situation.

  • 1/4

    Triple P Online for Baby

    Create a positive foundation, right from the start

    Online <0 to 1 year Free 7 x 30 mins
    • Nurture your baby’s development
    • Understand their cues and strengthen your bond
    • Look after your emotional wellbeing
  • 2/4

    Triple P Online

    Confidently handle everyday parenting challenges

    Online under 12 years Free 8 x 30 mins
    • Improve behaviour and grow closer
    • Positively influence your child’s development
    • Create a happier, calmer family life
  • 3/4

    Fear-Less Triple P Online

    Build resilience in children and help them manage anxiety

    Online 6+ years Free 6 x 30 mins
    • Get a better understanding of anxiety
    • Learn what to do when your child is anxious
    • Boost resilience and coping skills
  • 4/4

    Family Transitions Triple P Online

    Support your child through separation or divorce

    Online under 12 years Free 5 x 30 mins
    • Create stability and reassurance for children
    • Learn proven co-parenting strategies
    • Handle challenges calmly and confidently

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