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Positive parenting helps create a better future for your child

Childhood is made up of many little moments. Because we all want what’s best for our child – now, and in the future – it’s good to be able to make the most of every moment.

  • Even if there aren’t any major behaviour concerns, time flies and we know our kids will face difficulties as teenagers and adults.
  • Instilling healthy habits early on and having good communication with children lays the groundwork for the future.
  • A close relationship with our children will also help them navigate life’s changes and challenges with greater confidence.
  • Research shows that positive parenting helps kids to reach their full potential in life. When we can make the most of each parenting moment – and stay calm when we’re under stress – it helps equip children with the life skills they’ll need to learn, grow, and make healthy decisions.

Why do families love Triple P?

Doing the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is like a map for your parenting journey. It gives you more understanding and builds on the skills and knowledge you already have, with simple tips and techniques you can try out and adapt however you like.

  • It’s an Australian program, used here and around the world (in more than 30 countries).
  • What you do today helps create a better future for your child.
  • It’s a toolbox, not a rulebook. You get the strategies and knowledge. You choose what tools to use, when, and how.
  • Parents and carers just like you have discovered how small changes make a big difference to family life!

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Every family's different, so we make it easy to choose the parenting support that fits your situation. You choose when, where, and how you want to do Triple P!

Is Triple P Online right for my family?

  • Online program for parents/carers of young children (under 12 years)
  • Discover more ways to be an ongoing positive influence on your child and strengthen your relationship (now, and in the years to come)
  • Promote new skills and help emotional self-regulation
  • Know how to respond effectively to guide behaviour
  • Raise happier, more confident and capable kids
  • Enjoy family life more!

Is Fear-Less Triple P Online right for my family?

  • Online program for parents/carers of anxious kids (from age 6+)
  • Help your child learn to manage and reduce anxious feelings, now and in the future
  • Based on proven child psychology principles and research
  • Find out the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of child anxiety
  • Learn more about what’s helpful and what can accidentally add to anxiety
  • Start applying new strategies immediately
  • Improve your child’s emotional wellbeing in the long term
  • Reduce your own stress, too!

Is Teen Triple P Online right for my family?

  • Online support for parents/carers of pre-teens and teens (approximately 10-16 years)
  • Learn more about what’s within your control to change and influence for your teenager’s benefit
  • Create the best environment for your teenager’s development
  • Know how to address behaviours, promote new skills and help emotional self-regulation
  • Raise happier, more confident and capable teenagers
  • Improve your relationship with your teenager
  • Enjoy family life more!

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