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Stay calm under pressure and strengthen your relationship. Get behaviour support to fix issues before they become real problems, and positively influence your child’s skills and development. This full toolkit of tips and ideas really works!

  • 17 effective strategies – the world’s first proven-to-work online parenting program
  • You choose what works for you - adapt to suit your family, your values
  • Be confident about handling each new age, stage and situation (and support your child now and in the years to come)
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Is Triple P Online right for me and my child?

  • Understand what’s within your control to change and influence for your child’s benefit
  • Create the best environment for your child’s development
  • Know how to address child behaviours
  • Promote new skills and help emotional self-regulation
  • Improve your relationship with your children
  • Enjoy family life more!

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Support your child’s emotional wellbeing (and improve yours, too!)

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program has been developed here in Australia and is now the world’s most widely researched parenting program with hundreds of clinical trials and real-world studies to back it up. From confidently handling a toddler meltdown, to learning how to control your emotions and deal with anger management, Triple P empowers you with a toolbox of strategies, skills, and knowledge. It can help you create a closer bond with your child as you support their learning, development, life skills and emotional wellbeing. Triple P can work for you too—and it’s online!

What will I find in the Triple P Online course?

  • Support your child and create more positive interactions!

    This behaviour support toolkit is full of positive parenting strategies. Rate your parenting confidence and see it improve over time. Work through each module at your own pace, in your own time. Videos, worksheets and activities make it easy and interactive!

  • Module 1: What is positive parenting?

    Here’s where you choose what’s important to your family, to start tailoring your course to work for you, right from day 1. You also learn the key foundations to support confident, capable, cooperative kids: Triple P’s five principles of positive parenting.

  • Module 2: Encouraging behaviour you like

    Bring out the best in your child. Support their emotional, social and intellectual development. And make parenting more rewarding. Do it with these six simple strategies!

  • Module 3: Teaching new skills

    Help your child to master new tasks, manage their emotions, solve problems and communicate well. These key steps make life easier for kids (and parents).

  • Module 4: Managing misbehaviour

    To succeed in life, children need to understand how to cooperate, follow important rules and get along with others. Find out new ways to respond to behaviour issues using simple, effective, positive parenting techniques.

  • Module 5: Dealing with disobedience

    Learn more about why children behave in certain ways and discover which common parenting reactions tend to make things worse. Find out the specific skills that will help in these situations to create positive changes – fast!

  • Module 6: Planning ahead to prevent problems

    Now you’re ready to take your positive parenting skills to the next level. Rather than just managing meltdowns or arguments, avoid them altogether with these tips and techniques. Make life smoother and better for everyone.

  • Module 7: Making shopping fun

    By popular demand, a whole module on turning shopping with children into a positive experience! New strategies, a solid plan and a better understanding of child behaviour - you’ll really see the benefits next time you go to the shops.

  • Module 8: Raising confident, capable kids

    This is what it’s all about – taking the long-term view to help set your child on the path to a happy and successful adulthood. Even more positive parenting strategies to build your child’s resilience, social skills and independence. Plus extra tips on social skills and learning to solve problems.

  • NOW extra module: Parenting during COVID-19

    Help to stay calm and positive, even during uncertain times. Feel more confident handling anxiety, answering questions and coping with changes. Positive tips and strategies to support you and your family right now.

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Commonly asked questions

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Delivery of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® to parents and carers of children in Australia is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care under the Parenting Education and Support Program.

Triple P is one of the few parenting programs in the world with evidence to show it works. There are literally hundreds of trials and studies to show Triple P works for most families, in many different cultures, and in many different family situations. Triple P Online is also the first online parenting program proven to work.

On average, each module in the program usually takes about an hour to complete. Of course, everyone is different, and some people might take a little more or less time.

Some people like to do a whole module in one go. Others like to break it up into smaller chunks. We've found that a module per week works well for most people, as it gives you plenty of time to absorb what you're learning, try out some practical exercises, and start using the skills in your everyday parenting life.

Whether you want to finish your program in a few days, take it slow over a period of weeks or months, and even revisit it later - it's up to you!

Maybe you're dealing with mental health challenges yourself, parenting feels increasingly challenging, or you're dealing with family issues. Perhaps you've noticed your child is struggling more than usual, and you'd like support beyond our parenting programs. It's okay to ask for help. Below is a list of organisations that could provide you with some helpful guidance and further direction.

Triple P International takes your privacy and data protection very seriously. We have rigorous IT security systems and procedures. We don’t share your information with any third-party marketing organisations or unauthorised personnel. Your email address and region are visible to our administration team. Your progress may be visible to a system administrator in case you need to change your email address. All other family information within the program is anonymised. If you’d like more information, please review our privacy policy.

It's helpful, but not essential. Triple P is used very successfully by single parents. When more than one parent, step-parent or carer does the course it helps everyone work as a team to make changes. This includes grandparents and other family members, and even ex-partners, if they also care for your children. It makes it easier to communicate better about parenting, argue and disagree less, and support each other more. If you want both parents to have their own workbook and certificate, you need to request two access codes.

One of the great things about Triple P is that it’s not about telling you what to do in every situation. It’s about helping you feel confident that you can work out what to do. This will be based on what you learn about child or teen development and the strategies you’ve picked up, and your ability to review and refine. So if your question’s about parenting, we suggest you go ahead and do the program! If it’s about something else to do with Triple P, you may want to try contacting us using this website’s contact details, via our social media channels, or through your local Triple P support service.