State school parents and Triple P join forces

Triple P has joined forces with Queensland’s largest school-based parent body to promote the benefits of positive parenting to state school parents.

P&Cs Queensland is encouraging local committees to host free Triple P seminars and group parenting challenges amongst other initiatives to give parents easy access to free, evidence-based parenting support.

P&Cs Qld CEO Kevan Goodworth said today the Triple P program was well researched and proven to work.

“Most parents want to be the best parent they can be, but it’s not always easy to know how to make this happen on a day-to-day basis,” Mr Goodworth said.

“With Triple P now free in Queensland, we’re encouraging our school communities to take this opportunity – whether it’s attending a 90-minute seminar, a group program, one-on-one session or going online – to build on their parenting skills and confidence.”

Triple P founder Matt Sanders from The University of Queensland said children raised in a calm, consistent and positive home environment are more likely to succeed at school, have better jobs, experience more positive relationships and enjoy better mental and physical health.

“We know from years of research that a child’s home environment is far more important than what school they go to, so parents and carers have the power to make a huge difference in children’s lives,” Prof Sanders said.

“The best thing parents can do for their kids is to learn how to raise them in a way which encourages positive behaviour, builds self-esteem, supports their emotional and physical development and reduces their own stress levels, so everyone can enjoy life more.

“Triple P gives parents the skills and common sense strategies to do that.”

PHOTO CAPTION:  Chapel Hill Primary School P & C committee member, clinical psychologist Dr Carmen Spry, pictured with children Liam, 9, and Linda, 4, is a strong advocate of the Triple P program. Dr Spry is a Triple P trainer and provider and has previously delivered parenting seminars at the school.