picture of husband and wife Triple P providers

Parents who are also Triple P providers tell their story Queensland-wide

Brisbane couple John Rutter and Tanya Tennant, both school chaplains with Scripture Union Queensland and trained Triple P providers, are parents dedicating their professional lives to helping other parents.

As more and more people recognise the benefits of providing resources to parents to help them manage children's behaviour effectively (without yelling or harsh punshments), schools and other organsiations are partnering with local Triple P providers like John and Tanya to support families in their community.

The Bayside couple, who between them have six children from their previous marriages, both say their life experiences have given them more insight into the importance of parenting and relationships.

In a recent profile piece in The Sunday Mail's QWeekend colour magazine, John Rutter explains that Triple P “not only helps our [the school’s] kids but empowers parents, giving them strategies and tools to be effective in their homes”. He also says his own experiences help him relate to other families: “We’re all doing the best we possibly can.”

Tanya, too, says it’s been a challenge working to the point where she and her ex-husband and John and his ex-wife now have a good relationship for the sake of the kids. She says she now approaches her own parenting differently and with more understanding, and wants to help other parents do the same.

“I’m passionate about empowering parents to be the best parents they can be for their children,” she says. “There’s so much information out there and many people don’t know what to do.”

With many Queensland school children living in single parent or blended families, the couple’s story holds a key message for the community.

Triple P helps families build stronger relationships and greater self-awareness, and to reduce stress and conflict between parents.

PHOTO BY: David Kelly