Free access to the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program will continue throughout the state for the next three years, thanks to $5.35 million in new funding announced today by the Queensland Government!

A two-year trial of free Triple P in Queensland has been an outstanding success so far, with more than 85,000 parents, grandparents and carers picking up new parenting skills and strategies – which really work.

The new funding means parents of both younger children and teenagers can continue to access specialised Triple P programs for free.

Parents can go to free group or individual sessions, or choose to do a self-paced online program.

Right now parents can go to the “Find Help” tab on and choose from more than 60 seminars, discussion groups or group programs across the state.

These sessions are being offered at a huge variety of locations including primary and high schools, early childhood centres, child health centres, and community organisations.                                                                                              

Triple P founder Professor Matt Sanders welcomed the new funding and congratulated all providers and organisations involved in the trial, saying the current generation of Queensland parents can create a new, improved benchmark for parenting in Australia.

“Giving families free, easy access to quality parenting support is the mark of a state that wants to do better by its children, and I applaud the government for its initiative,” he said.

“It’s well documented that children raised in a positive, nurturing environment with consistent rules and strategies to encourage positive behaviour are more likely to grow into well-adjusted adults.

The problem is we don’t all know how to achieve this on a day-to-day basis, especially with the pressures of work and the extra commitments that come with having a family.

“Everybody wins when parents learn how to establish a calm, low-conflict environment at home, where kids know what the boundaries are and what is expected of them and parents feel less stressed.”

Since the two-year trial launched in September 2015, more than 145 agencies and practitioners have partnered with Triple P on the Qld roll-out project, with 726 extra providers now trained to deliver support directly to parents.

This makes the project one of the largest population roll-outs of Triple P anywhere in the world, and the largest ever within a two-year timeframe.