Families can put ‘emotional wellbeing’ on back-to-school checklist

With the start of the school year just a week away, it's a good time to put ‘emotional wellbeing’ on the back-to-school checklist.

Triple P International Country Director, Carol Markie-Dadds, says the extraordinary stress of 2020 had affected families in different ways.

Brisbane's recent snap lockdown may have also raised anxiety levels for some children and teenagers.

"It’s important for parents to support children to cope emotionally as they enter their new school classroom,” Ms Markie-Dadds says.

For all kids, but especially those starting Prep and Year 7, now's the time to re-establish stability and routines ahead of the new school year.

This can be easier said than done so for tips on positive ways to do this, and finding ways to enjoy some regular quality time together, free Triple P programs such as Triple P Online can give families that extra boost to start off the year on the right foot.

“Whether you have a child starting school, going off to high school, or anywhere in between, helping children manage their emotions and build resilience will set them up for a successful school year,” Ms Markie-Dadds says. “Queensland parents who complete a Triple P program learn practical skills for building their child’s resilience and emotional wellbeing."