Chinese parents tap into Queensland child-raising expertise

With more than 25,000 Chinese living in Brisbane, the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program has expanded its free support to include Mandarin-language seminars, provided by the Australian Parent Education Association.

Chinese expat and Triple P provider Yuan Cao said the local Chinese community has embraced the parenting program, with almost three hundred parents tapping into the program so far.

“There are similarities between Western and Chinese parenting but providing advice and tips in their own language helps parents understand the cultural differences,” Ms Cao said.

“In many Chinese families, the grandparents are deeply involved with child rearing but they can clash with the parents over generational values. We help parents with avoiding conflict and how to stand their ground.

“One of the main goals of Triple P is to show parents they aren’t alone with their challenges, no matter where they call home.”

Sinnamon Park mum Dr Xiuqing Hao recently attended two Triple P seminars and has already put some of the evidence-based teachings into practice with her sons, aged nine and seven.

“When we moved to Queensland in 2014, my husband stayed in China to work. I used to be very busy and didn’t spend enough time with my children,” Dr Hao said. “I could easily get angry when my children did not follow my rules and I have quite high expectations with the elder son.

“One of the best strategies I picked up from Triple P is for ‘quiet time’ which helps me control my emotions and has reduced conflict between me and my children. Triple P reduces the ‘yell time’ in my house and is also good for my children's social skill development.”

The Australian Parent Education Association is dedicated to educating Chinese parents on child behaviour and parenting in an environment that understands the bridge between Australian and Chinese education systems and culture.

Association President Janice Li said the Mandarin-language Triple P seminars would be held monthly, complimented by group discussions.

“It’s been pleasing to see parents from the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast coming along,” Ms Li said. “We have three seminars coming up this year and there are still some places available.”