Family Transitions – helping families through divorce or separation


You're separated or divorced, or going through the process. You're concerned about the impacts on your child and want to create a reassuring, stable environment to help them adjust well. If this sounds familiar, a Family Transitions Triple  P program can help - either in person, or completely online.


Family Transitions is a parenting program for divorced or separated parents, or parents going through the process. It provides proven, practical ways to ease the transition for your child - and yourself - including managing emotions, coping skills, effective co-parenting, looking after yourself and much more.

How can I do Family Transitions Triple P?

Family Transitions Triple P Online

To suit busy lifestyles, Triple P has made this evidence-based program available as an interactive, online course. With Family Transitions Triple P Online, you’ll be equipped with a toolbox of tips and strategies to help you confidently navigate the changes, manage emotions, support your child, resolve conflict and co-parent effectively. Videos, worksheets and activities make it easy and enjoyable to learn, in your own time, at your own pace.

Get started with Family Transitions Triple P Online.

Family Transitions Triple P

In a group or individually, you’ll spend five weekly sessions with a Triple P provider. Each session lasts about two hours and covers a different topic with strategies to help you ease the process, adjust to the change, and create a new family identity.  You’ll learn how to manage emotions, support your child, resolve conflict, and communicate better with your ex-partner. 

Throughout the sessions, you’ll also watch the Family Transitions DVD, which shows how other parents have used the ideas to help their families. And you’ll also receive the Family Transitions Workbook to support you as you put your new ideas into practice. 

Once you have finished the program, it’s recommended you do a Group or Standard Triple P or Teen Triple P program. You’ll gain a broader range of positive parenting ideas that can help you calmly manage other behaviour and parenting issues in the home.

Check to see if Family Transitions Triple P is being offered near you.

Does my ex-partner need to do the program, too?

No. Family Transitions is not a mediation program so you should attend on your own or, if you want support, with your new partner. If your ex-partner wants to do Family Transitions, you should attend your group or personal sessions separately. The same goes for Family Transitions Triple P Online - you can do the  program on your own and in your own time.