Pride Month – celebrating LGBTQIA+ families and voices

June 25, 2024 | Triple P News

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A toddler smiles as two women smile encouragingly at her in their arms

With Pride Month celebrations underway throughout the month of June, the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is encouraging everyone to celebrate LGBTQIA+ families and to recognise the power of conversations when it comes to fostering inclusion and kindness.

Triple P International Country Director Australia, Carol Markie-Dadds, said Pride Month is a great opportunity to help create positive and welcoming communities for current and future generations.

“The diversity of families in Australia brings a wonderful range of parenting experiences and perspectives to family life. Pride Month is a reminder to us all to support and amplify the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Ms. Markie-Dadds said.

“Conversations about diversity, inclusion and allyship can start by talking about how all families are different and special, and that everyone deserves respect and kindness, no matter who they love.

“It’s also about creating a safe, judgement-free home, where children feel comfortable coming to you with their questions and concerns.”

In Triple P’s biggest parenting survey, conducted earlier this year, LGBTQIA+ parents shared their views and opinions on parenting*.

Nearly all (82%) LGBTQIA+ parents feel more confident that their child will have a better life than them, and they are the most likely to feel very confident about their child's future (38% vs 27% of all respondents).

Positively, 87% of LGBTQIA+ respondents feel confident they can support and advocate for their child at school and almost half (42%) said that they felt life was more meaningful after becoming a parent.

It also highlighted universal parenting challenges: those who identify as LGBTQIA+ sharing many common concerns and experiences faced by families across Australia.

The survey responses revealed nearly all (84%) are concerned about the impact of social media platforms on their child’s mental health and wellbeing, and they were most likely to be very concerned about its effects (49% vs 39% of all respondents).

Additionally, 88% of LGBTQIA+ parents report feeling sleep deprived at least once a week and half (50%) are dissatisfied with the amount of time spent on self-care.

“Family life is busy no matter the age of your children. Checking in on yourself and prioritising your own needs can help us all to cope better with the ups, downs, joys and challenges of raising a family today,” said Ms Markie-Dadds.

“In fact, taking care of ourselves as parents is a prerequisite to being able to take care of others, so do seek support when needed, in whatever form works for you."

“This Pride Month, we want to recognise the parenting experiences of LGBTQIA+ parents and carers, and encourage conversations that support safe, nurturing and inclusive communities where parents feel confident and supported, and kids can thrive.”

*Note N=355 LGBTQIA+ parents


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