Cross-cultural parenting: how Triple P helped Bonnie's family

April 3, 2024 | Triple P Articles

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Meet Bonnie, a mum of two from Brisbane, who found more confidence in parenting using Triple P's free online programs.  Blending her Chinese background and her Australian husband's upbringing, Bonnie shares her positive experience using Triple P to navigate their parenting journey together.   

A Team Approach to Parenting    

"Our family is a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, we were both experiencing parenthood for the first time and facing common challenges," said Bonnie.    

Bonnie observed one of the challenges faced by Asian parents can be adopting an authoritarian style of parenting, expecting that children will obediently follow instructions.  

“However, children may not necessarily accept this approach,” Bonnie said.

After becoming a parent herself, she started reflecting on her own methods.  

"In our daily lives, we encourage children to listen, practice the piano, study diligently, be mindful of safety and avoid various dangers, but children may not always be willing to comply,” she said.     

Bonnie also reflected on her husband's approach.     

"When conflicts arose with our children, I noticed that my spouse would comfort them, using different forms of non-verbal communication such as hugs and kisses. He would also take them aside, offering reassurance," she said.    

So, how did they work together to develop a cohesive approach, learn new skills and get on the same parenting page? Triple P provided the support they needed.    

A Shared Understanding of Parenting    

When their young daughter started having tantrums, and with the arrival of their second child, Bonnie and her husband turned to Triple P Online for guidance.     

“I noticed that Triple P effectively explains the reasons behind consequences, which is crucial," said Bonnie.

“When parents expect certain behaviours from their children, it's also about becoming role models for their children. There’s also an emphasis on giving timely praise to children, which I feel is important.” 

For parents and carers of children aged 0-12, the program has eight modules that cover a wide range of common challenges, from guiding behaviour to growing closer. Parents can choose what works for them, and tailor strategies to suit their family.  

Bonnie believes parents today often find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of parenting advice and information available.     

"Triple P stands out with its focus on consistency," she said.    Since doing Triple P Online, Bonnie and her husband, who are raising bilingual children, have returned to the program at every developmental stage, focusing on the modules most relevant to their situation.    

"Moreover, as my children grew older, certain methods became less effective. Consequently, we revisited the program and continuously experimented with different strategies," said Bonnie.    

Triple P Online became their go-to resource, offering valuable tips for each step of their parenting journey.    

Consistency is Key  

After doing Triple P, Bonnie's key advice to parents is to stay consistent.    

"In a family, especially when living with older generations, it is crucial to be consistent with your strategies and work towards a common goal," she said.    

Bonnie also suggests parents be willing to make changes.     

"Through participation and self-improvement, parents can truly benefit from the program."     

Evidence shows children who grow up in a consistent and nurturing environment are more emotionally resilient and better able to cope with life's ups and downs.    

To adopt a team approach to parenting, improve behaviour and strengthen your bond, Triple P has a free online program that can help. 


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