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The occasional tantrum or daily defiance? A course with other parents or a few personal sessions? Choose how much positive parenting you need, and how you do it. Use this selector to find the best Triple P for you.



Seminars to help parents deal with cyber-challenges


Triple P's free positive parenting seminars are now online, with many upcoming sessions available for the Raising Resilient Children (Focus on Cyberbullying)… read more

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Parenting across generations – tricky, but worth working at


Managing relationships & expectations between children, parents and grandparents is challenging, but doing a parenting program like Triple P can help. read more

child screams while grandmother blocks ears

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Why kids should take risks

You want to protect your child from harm. But being over-protective can brings its own problems. read more


What parents say

Richard and Claire Fuller didn’t like shouting at their 2-year-old daughter when she misbehaved. Find out how Triple P helped them so they don't have to anymore.