Keep kids moving with sporting activities

9 March 2021

Now that Queensland children are back at school, sports activities have kicked in. Children across the state are either active in sport or their parents are considering enrolling them in a sport.

Triple P International Country Director, Carol Markie-Dadds, said that children’s sporting activities can be a source of pleasure for children and parents alike.

“It is important to engage and support your child in sport and encourage them to play,” Ms Markie-Dadds said.

“After a year of COVID-19 lockdown, we know that the majority of Australian parents want their children to return to sport. Playing sports helps kids stay active, learn new skills and make friends. They learn teamwork, responsibility and competition.

“Sport also helps to build a child’s resilience, such as learning how to recover from a poor pass or a missed goal. This resilience is an important skill that can be transferred to many other life experiences,” Ms Markie-Dadds said.

Here are some more tips to help support your child in a sport:

  1. help develop your child’s coordination from an early age
  2. encourage your child to try different activities
  3. attend training sessions and games as often as possible
  4. take on an active role in your child’s sport, if you can
  5. support your child’s coach
  6. offer support and encouragement to your child during and after the game
  7. leave negative feedback to the coach
  8. use logical consequences to deal with problem behaviour.

“For some children, the pressure to win a sports game is just too big. So, focus on how your child improves with each game. They will learn that you can have a good game despite the score,” Ms Markie-Dadds said.

“Some kids will refuse to play if they don’t think they’re very good. It takes time and effort to improve skills and build confidence, so encourage them to keep playing.”

It is important to keep a balance between children’s sporting activities and other commitments.

“No single activity should take up all a child’s time, whether it is sport, music or homework. We encourage free play and quality family time, such as family outings,” Ms Markie-Dadds said.

Triple P parenting support is free for families in Queensland through a State Government initiative.

“Parents who complete a Triple P program learn practical skills for building their child’s resilience and emotional wellbeing,” Ms Markie-Dadds said.

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To learn more about the effect of COVID-19 on children’s sport, see Sport Australia’s AusPlay survey results.

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