Phone Parentline

No matter where you are in Queensland, Triple P help is just a phone call away – seven days a week!  

Parentline has trained Triple P providers on staff, available to talk privately with you about your specific parenting problems. They can also help support you if you would prefer to DIY Triple P – either when you are doing the Triple P Online (or Teen Triple P Online) course or using the Triple P self-help workbook.

Here’s how to get your Triple P help from Parentline (for the cost of a local call)...

If you want to deal with a particular problem – straight away, or over a few sessions:

  • Phone 1300 30 1300 (between 8am and 10pm daily)
  • Ask for Triple P support

You’ll be linked up with a Triple P provider who can give you proven strategies and tips to manage your particular parenting concern. They’ll help you make a plan – and you may also get a free Triple P tip sheet in the mail so you can remember all the great new parenting ideas.

You can choose to talk about just about any parenting problem in your Triple P session, and you may schedule in follow-up calls as well. There are more than 60 Triple P tip sheet topics, with some specifically targeting the common concerns of parents of babies, toddlers, teens and in-betweens!

Some of the issues you could talk about include:

  • coping with stress
  • managing toddler tantrums
  • talking to a teenager
  • coping with a teenager’s defiance
  • dealing with disobedience
  • what to do if your child is hurting others
  • feeling down after the birth of your baby
  • getting a child to do their homework
  • boosting a child’s self-esteem
  • what to do when a child continues to wet the bed
  • helping a child deal with bullying
  • balancing work and family

If you are doing Triple P Online: 

Once you have registered for Triple P Online, have received your code and have logged in you can:

  • Phone 1300 30 1300 (between 8am and 10pm daily)
  • Ask for Triple P support  for Triple P Online

A Parentline counsellor trained in Triple P can guide you through the strategies to help you adapt them for your family. You can call any time you like throughout the course.

If you are doing Triple P with the self-help workbook:

Once you have your self-help workbook (contact Triple P for your copy) and have started the program, you can call Parentline counsellors if you need support or have questions. 

  • Phone 1300 30 1300 (between 8am and 10pm daily)
  • Ask for Triple P support  for the Triple P self-help workbook