Leading online magazine for Australian health professionals highlights hidden signs of child/teenage anxiety

To help increase understanding of child and teen anxiety, the latest issue of Health Times (for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals across Australia) has interviewed experts such as Fear-Less Triple P co-author, Dr Vanessa Cobham.

The article, now available to read online, highlights the need for better understanding among professionals and parents who may not realise that aggressive or withdrawn behaviour in children and adolescents can indicate significant anxiety, in the same way as more obvious signs such as teariness or frequent worrying.

Associate Professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Psychology, Dr Vanessa Cobham, has developed the Fear-Less Triple P program based on more than ten years of research and working with families of anxious children.

She said while anxiety disorders were already very common prior to the pandemic, the problem now appears to be worse.

Fear-Less Triple P is now available in Australia offering timely mental health support by helping parents to teach their children how to manage anxiety effectively. In Queensland, the online program is free thanks to state government support.