Teen Triple P Seminar - Raising competent teenagers

Tips to help your teen learn self-discipline, problem solving & get the most out of school
Thu, 01/12/2022 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Ashdale Secondary College - Galileo Theatre (Performing Arts Theatre)
75 Westport Parade, Darch WA, Australia
Brendan Everett Department of Education
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This session has been scheduled to support parents of current Ashdale Secondary College students and Year 6 students transitioning to Ashdale Secondary College. This session will cover 6 of the key skills your child will need to make the best start at high school. The session will cover: (1) How to help your children develop self-discipline so they can manage competing deadlines across different subjects (2) How to establish good routines to help them manage their timetable, homework and assignments across different learning areas (3) Getting involved in school activities - find out what activities are available for your child at ASC and how your child can get involved. (4) How to solve their own problems and promote independence (5) Following school rules (and how expectations can differ from primary to high school) (6) Having supportive friends. This is often a big concern for parents. This session will provide strategies for parents to help your tween or teen foster supportive friendships Please register below and note your child's current school. Thanks.
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