Positive Parenting
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The occasional tantrum or daily defiance? A course with other parents or a few personal sessions? Choose how much positive parenting you need, and how you do it. Use this selector to find the best Triple P for you.



Stand with your child against bullying


Kids should not have to face bullying alone says Triple P's Dr Alan Ralph. read more

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Recovering After Natural Disasters Means Dealing With Emotions Too


Natural disasters and severe weather events can take a heavy emotional toll on kids and families, and recovery takes time, explains Triple P's Miwa Okochi. read more

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Why kids should take risks

Debate rages over whether kids are over-protected or too 'free-range'. But it's good for a child to take some risks. Find out… read more


What parents say

Geoff wasn’t sure a parenting program could settle the few niggling issues he and wife Kelly had with their toddler. But Kelly wanted to prevent things getting out of hand. See why they say life is now “good” for everyone.