Positive Parenting

in the Latrobe Valley

One of the world’s best parenting programs is being offered to you for free! Find out more and choose the help that suits you.

One of the world’s best parenting programs is now available in Latrobe City and the Shires of Baw Baw and Wellington, with sessions to make life easier and happier for families.

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program’s simple, practical strategies have been proven to work around the world, helping parents raise happy, confident children; set family routines and rules that everyone can follow; and balance work and family life with less stress.

Below, you'll see which Triple P programs are being offered in Latrobe City and the Shires of Baw Baw and Wellington. You can then use the calendar to see upcoming Triple P events. These free seminars are part of the Victorian Government’s Supporting Families of the Latrobe Valley initiative.



Parents and caregivers in Latrobe City and the Shires of Baw Baw and Wellington can do the free Triple P courses below.


Seminars – positive parenting in a nutshell

Even when parenting is great, a few tips can help make life easier. Get fresh ideas for raising kids in our 90-minute seminars. In the Latrobe Valley, two seminars will be offered: The Power of Positive Parenting, and Raising Resilient Children.
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Discussion Groups – for common parenting problems

Parents with the same single problem join a two-hour group that provides practical targetted solutions. In the Latrobe Valley, one Discussion Group will be offered: Developing Good Bedtime Routines.
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How do you do Triple P’s Positive Parenting Program?

Because all families are different, Triple P has different ways to get your positive parenting program. Between now and the end of August, a number of Triple P workshop days will be running, featuring two Triple P Seminars and one Discussion Group. Choose a single session or come along to more than one.

It’s easy to get started! Check the calendar below for sessions that suit you.

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