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League star urges parents to keep calm and do Triple P

By Triple P News | 24 August, 2016

Rugby league captain Corey Parker has joined thousands of Queensland parents, grandparents and carers taking advantage of Australia’s first free statewide… read more



3-way conflict? Get you, your teenager and your ex- all on the same page

By Alan Ralph | 17 August, 2016

Managing the teenage years is tricky enough, without the added complication of strained ex-partner relationships. Triple P's Dr Alan Ralph has some important… read more

Sad teenage girl turns her back on her parents

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Help your child deal with disappointment

It’s natural to want to protect your child. But they need to learn to cope with the challenging stuff and deal with their emotions. You can help! read more

sad boy sits with head on knees

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Richard and Claire Fuller, Brisbane

Richard and Claire Fuller didn’t like shouting at their 2-year-old daughter when she misbehaved. Find out how Triple P helped them so they don't have to anymore.

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