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Great parents do great parenting programs. And the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is one of the world’s best. Backed by more than 240 trials and studies, Triple P gives you proven parenting strategies that will help you set up your child for life – so they’ll be happy, confident and successful. In the meantime, your home life will be better too… with rules followed, relationships stronger, and parents who are much less stressed!
Raising kids should be fun. With Triple P, it is!

What's in the course?

This is the toolkit you’ll rely on for years to come. Adapt the techniques to help you through all kinds of situations. With all these positive parenting strategies, you’ll be set for a lifetime of raising kids.


Module 1:
what is positive parenting?

Lay the foundations with Triple P’s five basic principles. Get these in place and you’ll see improvements… fast.


Module 2:
encouraging behaviour you like

Six simple strategies to help you see more of the behaviour your like… and less of the behaviour you don’t like.


Module 3:
teaching new skills

Some key skills make life easier for kids (and parents). Here’s how you can help them master new tasks, manage their emotions, solve problems and communicate well.


Module 4:
managing misbehaviour

Now you’re ready to tackle the big issue – managing misbehaviour! Get strategies to set ground rules and follow through in a way that’s positive for everyone.


Module 5:
dealing with disobedience

Want to help your child learn limits? How about some tips and strategies to get them to do things the first time not the 50th? Amazing as it sounds, it is possible…


Module 6:
planning ahead to prevent problems

Wouldn’t it be better to avoid the meltdown or argument altogether? Troubleshooting tips make life smoother and more predictable.


Module 7:
making shopping fun

With a few new strategies, a solid plan and some tactical rewards, you’ll never have to dread shopping again. Tantrums in the toy aisle? Not anymore…


Module 8:
raising confident, capable kids

Set for life! Use these positive parenting strategies to build your child’s resilience, social skills and independence. It could be the best investment you’ll ever make.

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Improving lives

Richard and Claire Fuller, Brisbane

Richard and Claire Fuller didn’t like shouting at their 2-year-old daughter when she misbehaved. Find out how Triple P helped them so they don't have to anymore.

Fiona Heys, Brisbane

"Our family now is a lot more fun. We're enjoying each other's company."

Emma and Kevin Coffey, UK

"Our parenting styles were different. Now we're on the same page."

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